foto Alessandra Pezza

I am scientific coordinator and responsible for communication at the “Officina” Permanent Translation Workshop of the University of Milano-Bicocca. I graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at University of Milan (BA) and in Chinese Language and Literature at Institut des langues et civilisations orientales (INALCO) in Paris (MA), where I obtained my PhD with a thesis on the representation of the Great Leap Forward in Yan Lianke’s literary work. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Milano-Bicocca. I mainly worked on the literary representation of forgotten and traumatic history, and I am currently engaged on a research project on the reinvention of cultural identity in popular contemporary Chinese literature (tongsu wenxue 通俗文学).
I am also interested in translation and translation studies. I won Caratteri’s first translation contest (2014) with the translation of a short story by Di An. I also translated short stories by Zhang Chu, Ye Mi, Zhao Chenguang, Jin Renshun, and Yan Lianke in Caratteri, Internazionale and Corriere della Sera journals. I co-translated a collection of Lao Ma’s flash-fiction with Silvia Pozzi and Andrea Alberga (Atmosphere libri, 2018) and edited a volume of interdisciplinary studies on the theme of “untranslatability” (L’intraducibile, Mimesis 2021).

I translated Taiwanese sci-fi writer Chi Ta-wei’s novel Membranes 膜 (Membrana, ADD, 2022) and short story “Biospheres” 生態球 (“Biosfere”, Lucy.sulla cultura, 2023, first release worldwide).

I am translating Jin Yong’s Shediao yingxiong zhuan 射雕英雄传 into Italian (edited by Silvia Pozzi and Patrizia Liberati, first volume Oscar Mondadori 2021, second volume 2022) and I am supervising the Italian translations of a forthcoming collection of danmei 耽美 novels for Oscar Mondadori editore (seven titles, 30 volumes announced for the following years).